At Present because we are a small production a minimum order is required & we can only offer the facility to order Full Cakes, Tray Bakes etc. but we do hope that this will change as our Business Grows and expands.

As our Business Model is to also Open Retail Outlets, at that stage it will be possible to buy by the slice and smaller quantities. Please be Patient with us while we work hard to make that happen. In the meantime Enjoy a full cake with loved ones.

Gluten is a general term used to describe a mixture of two Wheat proteins:

– Prolamin (Gliadin)
– Glutenin (Glutenin)

Proteins are also present in Rye and Barley.

Secalin in rye.
Hordein in barley.

As the word suggests (‘glue’), gluten is a compound which gives elasticity to dough which makes bread chewy.

We are advised by the medical establishment that the following grains contain gluten – Wheat, barley, rye and *oats and should be avoided in a diet that requires GF. (*cross contamination).
Coeliac Disease (CD) is a common condition which affects about 1 in every 133 people. Contrary to popular belief,  Coeliac Disease is not an allergy or intolerance, but an Auto-Immune condition. The condition is usually characterised by severe inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, atrophy of intestinal villi as well as other clinical manifestations. Symptoms of celiac disease may include abdominal bloating, diarrhea and perhaps constipation. Celiac disease may also cause fatigue, osteoporosis, weight loss and malnutrition. The presence of gluten proteins in one’s diet will greatly aggravate coeliac symptoms and should be avoided. The only treatment at this current time for celiac disease is a very strict adherence to a gluten-free diet.
There has been a lot of debate in the medical field and media about the understanding of this condition. It is proposed that NCGS is a condition that has symptoms very similar to those with CD, but it is not an auto-immune disorder with a genetic component. In simple terms, when one eats gluten who has NCGS, no damage will be caused to the intestine but symptoms will be present. Typical symptoms are bloating, abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, mental fatigue, no energy or lethargy, etc. At present, there is no diagnostic test for NCGS.
Yes! The GFKC is a HSE (Health Service Executive) Certified Dedicated Gluten & Wheat Free Safe Kitchen. All our products are 100% Gluten & Wheat Free. We are also approved by the Coeliac Society of Ireland.
Yes. Almost all our pastry, cakes and bread products contain egg. However,  there is no egg in our Brown Farmhouse Loaf. Our Outside Catering Options also have Egg Free Options. Please ask our Ordering Team if there is a product you would like us to make Egg Free.
Yes! Dairy Free Options are available on request. Dairy Free Options no longer incur an additional charge. As we are so passionate about catering for our customers with allergens we do not believe that because you have an allergen you should be charged extra. Please feel free to enquire from our Ordering Team.
The GFKC utilises (Beet) sugar in almost all of its products. However we do also use, Pure Honey & Agave in some of our Products.
We also are currently exploring recipes that do not contain Beet Sugar and would like to introduce more clean living options in time. Please be patient with us while we fully develop our business model and feel free to contact our Ordering Team at any stage for updates.

Yes. The GFKC is a 100% Dedicated Gluten, Wheat & Oat Free Brand.

We are a family business, created in Ireland. The GFKC Brand was created in 2011 by Our Family, Artisan Producers of Quality Free From Foods, with All the Taste & Goodness that Your Family deserves.

We supply directly to our Customers, through direct sales, online sales and to the Catering Industry such as Hotels & Restaurants who also purchase our Quality Brand as an addition to their menu.

We produce Quality Artisan Food Products and have designed a business model to open a Chain of Independently Owned Retail Outlets which we hope to grow internationally over time. This is a Global Opportunity.


Typically the flour employed is a mix of Rice, Potato, Gram, Coconut, Almond, Maize and Tapioca and sometimes Soy, including starches. Our flours are organic when possible and no lengthy shelf-life chemical preservatives are added.
At The GFKC, we are more than happy to try and accommodate your dietary requirements. However, this might not always be possible. Contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs. In the event we can, there may be a slight delay in getting your order to you due to adjustments to be made. Please be patient with us if this is the case and our Ordering Team are always at hand to help with any queries.
Yes, we also stock quality gluten & wheat free brands. Moreover, we would love to hear from stockists wishing to stock their products or ingredients with us.  Contact us. Please provide us with your certifications if you are not a dedicated Gluten Free Producer.
Under EU Allergen Legislation 2014, all allergens are clearly listed on all The GFKC products. – See more at: http://www.thegfkitchenco.ie/info/f-a-q-s/#sthash.A5RosvDk.dpuf

Yes. All The GFKC products are specially made gluten-free and fall under the Irish Revenue’s Medical Expenses Relief Scheme. A Receipt Book Copy is provided with each order delivered/collected. Please ask if you have not received a receipt.

Below we have provided further information on claiming Tax Relief for TGFKC products.

3 Steps to Claiming Tax Relief for Coeliacs

A Guide to Claiming Health or Medical Expenses Relief – IT6

Yes! We are Artisan Bakers and Produce Traditional Recipes Check out our Cake Gallery. We are always developing and do hope to introduce new ranges as we grow. At The GFKC, we are more than happy to try and accommodate your requirements. There may be a slight delay in getting your product to you due to adjustments to be made. Therefore, be sure to order well in advance! Contact us today with your requirements.
We Do not Currently Specialise in Novelty Cakes however we do hope to soon.

Ideally we need plenty of notice for cake orders to avoid disappointment, particularly for celebration cakes. However, The GFKC will do everything it can to accommodate your requirements in the event of short notice. Contact us and we will do our very best!

As we are a small business with a small team, at Present we can only offer the facility to order Full Cakes or Tray Bakes which also means a minimum order facility. This is something that we do plan to develop as the business grows and expands.

As our Business Model is to also Open Retail Outlets, at that stage it will be possible to buy by the slice or smaller quantities. Please be Patient with us while we work hard to make that happen. In the meantime Enjoy a full cake with loved ones.

Here is a guide to ordering sizes.

Depending on portion size and amount of people, below is a very general portion guide. Please note it can greatly vary from person to person, event to event. Use your judgement accordingly.

Portion guide for Sponge Cakes

Size Round              Cake portions     Square Cake Portions

13 cm (5inch)                    8                                      12
15 cm (6inch)                  12                                      18
18 cm (7inch)                  18                                      24
20 cm (8inch)                  24                                      32
23 cm (9inch)                  32                                      42
25 cm (10inch)                42                                      50
28 cm (11inch)                50                                      61
30 cm (12inch)                61                                      72
36 cm (14inch)                72                                      98
41 cm (16inch)                98                                     128

Portion guide for Fruit Cakes

Size Round               Cake portions     Square Cake Portions

13 cm (5in)                      16                                       25
15 cm (6in)                      25                                       36
18 cm (7in)                      36                                       49
20 cm (8in)                      49                                       64
23 cm (9in)                      64                                       84
25 cm (10in)                    84                                     100
28 cm (11in)                  100                                     121
30 cm (12in)                  120                                     144
36 cm (14in)                  144                                     196
41 cm (16in)                  196                                     256

The GFKC highly recommends the following products for children!



– Eclairs

Apple & Cinnamon Sponge Slices

Chocolate Fudge Cake

However every little person is different so it really is a personal choice. We love them all 🙂

We are an online store so please contact us direct for orders.
Please visit our ‘Ordering‘ page for further information.
We also supply to some Hotels & Restaurants so please enquire within our preferred stockists or with our ordering team where our products are used however please note that we can not guarantee there is no cross contamination of our products when used in other kitchen’s outside of The Gluten Free Kitchen Company Branded Outlets.
We do plan to launch Retail Products in time and look forward to growing our business in order to do so in time.
Yes. The GFKC is proud that all our products are handmade and 100% Irish.
Most of our products are in the €2 to €40 range.
Great, we look forward to it. Please visit our ‘Ordering‘ page for further information.
Yes! The GFKC has nationwide (within Ireland) next day delivery – Fee €10 with Courier (Product Dependent). Local deliveries are free of charge within a 5 mile radius of Tralee! Same day deliveries will be charged €1.50c per KM. outside of 5 mile radius of Tralee. Free Delivery in Tralee Town area.
Yes, our delivery covers all of the North of Ireland. Product Dependent. Please ask our ordering team for more info.
In certain circumstances, yes. Please contact us with your requirements first.

Yes! We are more than happy to accommodate your request. However, we will need the following information in advance:
– Hotel or venue name and address.
– Name of contact person to sign for delivery.
– You have consent from Hotel/Venue for such a delivery.

Yes. The GKFC products can be frozen for between 3-6 months. Please be aware, a fresh product is always best served fresh so please note that taste and texture can sometimes change when defrosted after being frozen.
Contact us at info@thegfkitchenco.ie
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Yes! You can easily purchase TGFKC Gift Vouchers by contacting us in the first instance: orders@thegfkitchenco.ie. Payment Terms are available on Ordering page. (It is the same as ordering a cake!). Once we have received full payment, your Gift Voucher will be posted directly to you thereafter. . We are also currently looking at bringing this service online in the very near future. Please revisit for further updates.
Simply fill in the quick contact form here and we will do our best to answer your question promptly!
Buy, Try and Find Out!
Our menu is designed by a Coeliac, Created by an Experienced Chef with all the taste and nutritional value that all foodies deserve.

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